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Business Modeling

A common mistake many companies make when they create their business models is to underestimate the costs of funding the business until it becomes profitable. Certainly a company has to keep the business running until its revenues exceed its expenses. A good business model plays a vital role in the success of any company, as it explains how that business will earn revenue and aids in acquiring investors and establishing partnerships.

At Outsource we offer training to your executive teams on applying leading Business Modelling tools that will transform your business into an Invincible Company.

Quick Benefits

Competitive Advantage

Financial Sustainability

Plan For Growth

Mastering Customer Propositions

A primary component of the business model is value proposition. This is a description of the goods or services that a company offers and why they are desirable to customers or clients, ideally stated in a way that differentiates the product or service from its competitors.

To help your business prosper, we offer training services using our cutting edge techniques for Mastering Propositions and help you deliver propositions your customers will love

How does this benefit you

Helps your organisation internally

It enhances your understanding of the competitive landscape - in order to write a compelling value proposition, you must first research your competitors and their offerings in order to differentiate yourself.

Critical factor in conversion success

A compelling value proposition could mean the difference between closing a sale, and losing it. It is critical to grab the customer’s attention and encourage them to want to know more about your product, rather than turn a blind eye.

Offers the foundation for your offering.

A compelling value proposition will form the basis of and underpin all of your sales, marketing and product development efforts.